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As a wife, I know what my duties are -- to fuck & suck my hubby where and whenever he wants. Unfortunately for me, that is not nearly often enough. I am having to resort to slutting myself out to all the sexually deprived men in my neighborhood -- who knew there were so many!! Yes, I guess you could say I am a desperate housewife, but can you blame me?

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I am not complaining though, more like celebrating. I can never get enough deep dicking, as it seems the more dick I get, the more dick I crave. I am always looking for more men to add to my weekly fucking roster -- are you interested?

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Hot horny wife Doralee

There is nothing I love more than a big throbbing cock on a man, especially when he knows how to use his tool in the most pleasurable ways. Fuck me at the right angle and you will hit my g-spot and make me cum quarts! Thirsty? Roll over on your back baby, so I can sit on your face -- tongue fuck my pussy and lick me clean! I am almost ready for round 2... how about my ass this time? *wink*

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Being the neighborhood fuck toy has its benefits -- I get invited to ALL the parties, and ALL the men know me and want me -- sometimes at the same time ;) Bring on all cummers, I am ready for whatever you have in store for me!

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