Domme Fallon

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Before you think of pursuing me, you better check your credit status. I'm not just any whore, I'm a money-hungry financial domination phone sex whore! I'm always on the prowl for the next sugar daddy, so your card better be fully loaded. Because this hot phone sex mistress expects to be lavished with the finer things in life.

Fallon Likes To Be Spoiled!

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I expect nothing less than everything I want. You're not a man, you're my human ATM. My paypig! It makes me wet every time you whip out that card and hand it over to me. If you want me to be your phone sex girlfriend, then keep this material girl happy. I could cum just listening to all the ways you want to spend your money on me.

Make It Rain For Fallon

Financial Domme Fallon

Don't think because you pay my bills and shower me with expensive gifts and gift cards that I owe you anything. This findom phone sex mistress can get any man I want! If I suck your cock or fuck you, it's because I love dick as much as I love money. You're just lucky I'm always horny. I get soaking wet thinking about spending all of your hard-earned cash and credit! Which really works in your favor because I get so turned on I want to fuck all the time! So see, you get something out of this too.

Fallon's Worth Every Penny!

Money Pig Financial Domination

I don't mind being the other woman as long as you take care of all of my monetary needs. You might be married, but I will always be your number one priority. So, if you take care of me, I'll take care of you. Because after all, this phone sex slut has as much of an endless craving for cock as I do for draining your wallet!

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