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We all love in our own way. I love you by owning your cock and everything about you on domination phone sex! When you're good you get rewarded, when you're get punished! But I have a feeling whether I punish you or love you, you will constantly crave both from this stern phone sex mommy. I know exactly what you nasty little boys need and desire! And I am just the incest phone sex mommy to give it to you.

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I'm going to teach you the art of serving me and train you to be the perfect little subbie slave. Mommy knows best! And what is best for me, is for you to have your head buried between my legs making me squirt all over your face. That's just the start of how you can make me happy in our taboo mommy son phone sex relationship. But fair warning, I am very demanding and merciless when I train you how to serve this voluptuous Goddess!

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There are many ways you can please your cougar phone sex mommy, and I'm going to teach you all of them! If you do well, you will be rewarded after each lesson. Maybe with some big tit phone sex fucking while I suck on the head of your cock. Or I might even let you have your way with me, fucking and filling any hole you like.

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I should tell you, I have lots of ways to discipline you when you are bad and need to be put in your place. I find strap on phone sex is a great way to remind you who is in charge! But I also enjoy discipling you with spanking, CBT, humiliation, cum denial, forced feminization, and a bit of bondage if need be! Those are just a few of my favorites. So see, it's really up to you whether you get sweet Mommy Magda or dominant Mommy...regardless I will own you in every way!

*** Be a good boy and have your card ready when you call. No pay, no play with this strict Mommy!***