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Hi there boys, you can call me Paris. Just think of me as the shemale version of Paris Hilton *wink*. When I get all dressed up and go out, I get mistaken for her all the time. I like to have a little fun with it. These guys have no idea that I have a little something extra till we get back to my place. Then the real fun begins!

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I have the power to turn straight men into a cock sucking whore, before the night is over. I am the queen of tease ... they have no clue that I have a raging hard-on for them ... until it is too late, no turning back now! I have teased these poor men all night so that by the time they see my aching hard cock they will do anything for me, IF I allow them to cum.

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Before the unveiling of my beautiful cock, I want you down on your knees looking up into my eyes. Take your teeth and gently pull my silky panties down. I love the look of surprise on your face It makes my cock even harder ... Mmmmmmmmm!!! Take my throbbing shaft into your hands and gently massage the head with your lips and tongue. Good boy!

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Lie on your back for me and spread open wide. I can't wait to feel your tight virgin asshole wrapped around my thick, pulsating stick. Just relax, I'll be gentle with your precious little love-hole. Don't worry, baby. Your secret will be safe with me. I have no doubt that you will be coming back for more very soon! I am well versed in all fetishes and fantasies. I can handle all of your needs. I am just a phone call away!!!

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